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Outplacement Programs for Executives and Directors

Oak's Senior Manager/Director Category would apply to Vice Presidents, General Managers and above. Certainly, higher level released employees utilize more outplacement services. Services are unlimited and continue until the Executive is re-employed.

  • Resumes will be more complex and will require several drafts, critiques and reviews before finalized.
  • Multiple cover letters and resumes are often utilized by Senior Managers to target specific industries.
  • One-to-One counseling at the executive level is extensive and covers all aspects of a comprehensive campaign.
  • An executive will spend more time discussing strategy with an Oak Partner.
  • Significantly more company and executive recruiter databases will be generated and several targeted industry mail/e-mail merges will be run simultaneously.
  • Higher level clients frequently have 2-3 practice interviews to hone their interviewing skills.
  • Executives typically meet with their Oak Partner to discuss in detail each interview, immediately after it takes place, to determine weak areas and develop an interview follow-up letter to address the weak response areas in greater depth.
  • Additionally, a great deal of time is spent with the Oak Partner on networking techniques and the use of industry contacts to network into a company.
  • Venture capital companies and business start-ups are often included in the counseling sessions.
  • As the executive's campaign matures, time is spent evaluating potential offers, strategies to employ to receive an offer and ways to balance simultaneous offers.
  • Oak assists each individual in negotiating their offer and at the executive level the offers are complex and require due diligence regarding stock incentives and bonus opportunities.
  • Oak remains in contact with the placed executive to ensure a smooth transition into their new role and will provide executive coaching as part of the outplacement package when required to facilitate a smooth transition.

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