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Leadership Strategies, LLC

Leadership StrategiesLeadership Strategies, LLC was founded in Minneapolis in 1992 and provides financially focused consultative support to private and public retail, service, manufacturing, technology, media, health care, transportation, distribution, and hospitality businesses in the areas of organizational productivity and return on human asset investment.

There is an undeniable link between organizational design, human capability, revenue growth and financial performance. We help organizations make small and large-scale performance improvements in painless and frequently simple ways by building human productivity, financial performance, shareholder/stakeholder value, and customer satisfaction, all at the same time. The result of our efforts with our clients is directly traceable internal efficiency and performance improvement leading to greater margins and increased market share.

Leadership Strategies, like Oak Consulting, employs an outstanding group of professionals who work closely with us during many client engagements related to organizational sizing and efficiency, financial performance improvement and marketplace success, on a worldwide basis.

To learn more, visit their Web site at peopleresults.com.

Brian F. GaganBrian F. Gagan

Brian is a Leadership Strategies, LLC partner and holds management and human resources degrees from the University of Maine and Syracuse University. He has lived throughout America and in Europe and his background includes large business unit management experience and more than twenty years in the human resources arena. He maintains an active role with several Board appointments and he has worked with companies in nearly all business sectors, large and small, domestic and international. He has held executive and officer positions with The Maine Medical Center, Burger King Corporation, The Pepsi-Cola Company, and Blockbuster Entertainment Corporation.

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