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Outplacement Programs for Hourly

Oak's Hourly Category would apply to manufacturing employees and shipping/receiving workers, warehouse employees, etc. Services are unlimited and continue until the individual is re-employed. The following would be considered typical for an hourly outplacement campaign.

  • Resumes are created using job descriptions and Oak's unique skills and duties approach using a resume template and step by step directions.
  • A generic cover letter that can be used for employment agencies, companies and ad response is developed following a template or created in total by Oak for the client.
  • Instruction regarding conducting an effective job campaign is frequently done in group workshop settings.
  • One-to-One counseling sessions are held after each workshop to determine if any special needs are present. (Health concerns, financial hardship, special needs children, etc.)
  • A generic corporate database and employment agency database is generated for the industry/geographic area and provided to the hourly individuals at the workshop. Individual databases are also available.
  • Database selections are merged with the cover letter and sent to the hourly employee to sign and post.
  • Practice interview questions are provided and answers are discussed by the group in the workshop. Interview dress and etiquette is also covered.
  • How to fill out a job application is also part of the Oak hourly materials.
  • Oak provides 24 hour contact information to discuss any special concerns or questions regarding the hourly individual's campaign.
  • Hourly materials are available in book form for remotely located individuals or when a workshop is not held. Counseling sessions are conducted via phone or in person.

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