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Outplacement Programs for Managers

Oak's Manager Category would apply to all management personnel. Services are unlimited and continue until the Manager is re-employed. Again, we stress that the services we provide are tailored to the individual's needs and are not standardized. The following would be considered typical for a Manager's outplacement campaign.

  • Resumes are complex and require several drafts before being finalized and printed.
  • Two different cover letters and resumes are often utilized by Managers to target specific industries.
  • One-to-One counseling at the Manager level is frequent and covers all aspects of a comprehensive campaign with emphasis on campaign strategy.
  • Several corporate databases are generated and target specific industries.
  • Database selections are prioritized by the outplaced client and run in waves of approximately 200 per mailing.
  • A practice interview is conducted to refine the Manager's skills. Follow-up sessions are scheduled if the Manager's interviewing skills need improvement.
  • Periodic calls and or meetings are scheduled to discuss search progress and refine strategy.
  • Managers discuss interviews with their Oak Partner and develop an interview follow-up letter to be reviewed by the Oak Team.
  • Networking techniques are discussed and revolve around the use of industry contacts to network into a company.
  • Offers are brought to the Oak Partner and discussed in detail. Assistance in negotiating is provided when appropriate.
  • Oak remains in contact with the Manger to ensure a smooth transition to the new position.

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