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Overview of Oak Consulting Outplacement Programs

Regardless of employee level, Oak's outplacement services are available to each released employee until they have secured employment. Since Oak's founding, our outplacement services have been unlimited. This core component of our outplacement program is a benefit, to our knowledge, no other outplacement company offers.

Oak Consulting will work with the management team of your Business Unit to determine the specific logistical needs of the company. As we have done in the past for other companies, we will provide guidelines to management personnel with regards to planning/conducting Reduction in Force activities based on solid research and focused directly on welfare of both the released individuals and the surviving employees.

An Oak counselor, at the Partner level, will talk with the separated employees and briefly explain the company sponsored outplacement program. This can occur individually with each employee at the time of separation or in a group setting at the official company announcement to employees.

Depending on the number of employees released and their respective locations, Oak will either conduct a series of workshops to assist the employees in developing an effective job campaign, or hold private consultation sessions covering the same topics. In either case, one to one counseling sessions will be held with each individual enabling Oak to individualize and tailor the outplacement program to the needs/requirements of the released employee.

The one to one counseling sessions are a key factor in the released employee's ability to move forward with a positive attitude and effective job campaign strategies. Additionally, these discussions provide Oak with insight into the employee's state of mind, financial situation and any family issues that could impact their ability to work effectively on their career campaign. Oak has the resources to assist employees in need of extra intervention/services through strategic partnerships with financial planners, psychologists and social workers.

Oak's preference is to provide face to face services to the released employees. If this is not feasible due to time constraints, the geographic spread of the RIF'ed employees or the related travel costs, Oak will provide all outlined services to the employee through direct contact via phone. Fax, email and direct mail will be used to deliver written materials, campaign documents (resumes, cover letters, databases, etc.) that have been discussed with the outplaced individual.

Every released individual, regardless of outplacement category, will receive guidance in the following areas:

  • How To Deal With The Separation and Family Issues
  • Developing the Right Attitude & Selecting the Correct Path
  • Financial Planning
  • Setting Individual Goals, Career Objectives, Strategies, and Establishing an Individual Career Track
  • Communicating Skills, Accomplishments and Responsibilities
  • Step By Step Resume Preparation
  • Writing Cover Letters
  • Search Firm Information
  • How to Effectively Respond to Advertisements and Job Postings
  • Conducting a Direct Mail Campaign
  • Writing Corporate Letters
  • Effective Networking Techniques
  • Interviewing Skill Development & Role Playing
  • References
  • Negotiating/Accepting Offers

Each outplaced employee will receive a complete set of written materials, which compliment the program and can be used as a resource.

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